Prospector's Package

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A hidden fortune.
A missing cousin.
And a rumour of monsters ...

When a renowned researcher goes missing in the Northern wilds, it's up to an only partially qualified duo to find him. Join a penniless prospector and a quirky cartographer as they explore uncharted territory and confront a mysterious cryptid in FLANN! - The Petrified Forest.

"The Petrified Forest" is the first volume in a purely Northern adventure, inspired by the story that gave Flin Flon, Manitoba its memorable name. It's 100 pages of full-colour fun!


Dig up a deal and garnish your copy of FLANN! with all the extra goodies!

Your Prospector Package includes:
• One signed copy of FLANN! Volume 1 - The Petrified Forest
• Exclusive original artwork, drawn and signed by the artist just for you!
• Two first-edition character bookmarks (one Flann and one James)
• An official S.O.C.R.A.T.E.S. bookplate
• Three FLANN! postcards (featuring art from the book)
• All three Limited Edition Badge designs (Flynn's Watch, Flann's Adventure, and James' Bear Warning)


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